Oberaigner are a specialist vehicle manufacturer based throughout Germany and Austria who began their work developing and manufacturing Mercedes-Benz vehicles in 1977.

Since then the Oberaigner-group has expanded considerably over the years. Starting with the Oberaigner  Powertrain GmbH in Nebelberg, Austria, which first opened its doors in February 2002 due to the original Headquarters in Rohrbach becoming too small for the ever-growing business. The newer company site in Nebelberg offered a larger space for the growing company including space for manufacturing and assembly halls, storage space and an office building. There is even an area dedicated to conducting extensive off-road vehicle testing!

In July 2012 the new assembly plant of the Oberaigner Automotive GmbH opened in Rostock-Laage, Germany, symbolising the successful corporate development of the company.

The Oberaigner Blechtechnik GmbH, located in Hausruck, Austria is the youngest division of the Oberaigner group. This is where Oberaigner’s quality sheet metal products are assembled.

The 4×4 Sprinter

The off-road version from Oberaigner

When one drive axle is not enough for a van, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 from Oberaigner comes into its own. The Sprinter is equipped with a four-wheel drive developed in-house for every application, as well as the tried and tested high-volume technology from Mercedes-Benz. Oberaigner’s vehicles are suitable for everyone who wants to travel safely off-road or in poor driving conditions.


The Oberaigner 6×6

Taking manoeuvrability and strength as far as they will go

With the 6×6, Oberaigner is closing the gap in the seven-tonne light van market segment. Oberaigner has developed a unique vehicle with a payload of up to four tonnes, extremely high traction, and the use of high-volume technology from Mercedes-Benz. Applications that call for manoeuvrability and enormous load-bearing capacity, such as rescue operations, firefighting, military, police, local authorities, supply utilities, expeditions and mobile homes, now have a reliable partner for their missions.


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