Loading and securing goods into your vehicle safely protects both it and your vehicle. Here are a few helpful tips to assist you when loading your vehicle:

  1. Use anti-slip mats for additional safety during transportation
  2. Always begin loading your vehicle from behind the cab partition. This will balance the load evenly between the axles.
  3. Pack heavier objects at the bottom. Do not exceed the permitted maximum load.
  4. You can secure your load using lashing straps, which can be fastened to the corresponding eyelets. Edge Protectors can be used to protect your fragile cargo.
  5. If the goods you are transporting have multiple layers, you can use a lashing net, also fastened to the eyelets, to secure them.
  6. By using lashing rails and lashing points you can, for example fasten a ladder quite easily to the interior wall of the vehicle. When doing so ensure that the lashing strap locking mechanism is not resting on the edge of the ladder. This will protect them both.
  7. Depending on the model, your Mercedes-Benz van has tyre pressure sensors. You can use them to check the tyre pressure once you have loaded the vehicle.

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