As you know, once you come to the end of your finance contract you will need to return your vehicle to us. Upon their return all vehicles will go through a 2.5 hour inspection in line with the BVRLA Fair wear and tear guidelines which are industry standard. They take into account; age, mileage and use. General wear and tear is fine but damage, neglect and missing parts are not.

The inspection focuses on 8 different areas:

  1. Exterior paintwork, body, bumpers and trim – Chips of 8mm or less are fine as long as there’s no more than 4 on the side or rear panels, 6 on door edges or 8 on forward facing panels. Dents of 50mm or less are fine as long as they’re not on the roof or swage line and no more than two per panel. Scratches of 25mm or less are fine but no more than 4 on any panel.
  2. Working zones –  We understand there areas are going to be in use frequently so you can do your job, so signs of use are to be expected. Therefore vehicles are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Small chips, dents and scratches are expected but no distortion of any panels. A little rust is ok too as long as it doesn’t compromise the integrity of any of the panels.
  3. Driver cab and passenger area – A few marks here and there are ok but rips, stains, burns or odours will incur an extra cost. All extra accessories such as fire extinguishers and first aid kits must be as they were when they were supplied.
  4. General appearance, road safety, documentation and keys – Minor issues are ok but rust and corrosion will need looking at. All the vehicle’s safety features must be in working order with no warning lights. All keys and locking wheel nut key, all relevant paperwork including V5 and any specialist certificates must also be handed over.
  5. Windows, glass, doors, mirrors and ramps – The Windscreen must be water tight with no chips, cracks or holes. Chip repairs are fine if they’re not in the driver’s line of sight as this work has a warranty. There can be no damage to any of the mirrors, such as cracks etc, and the heating and controls must be in working order. All lamps must be as supplied and without cracks or holes.
  6. Tyres and wheels – All tyres must be legal (including the spare). Scuffs of up to 50mm of the total circumference are fine but no dents or holes in wheel spokes or alloys.
  7. Mechanical condition – The brakes will be checked for groove discs and drums and the engine will be checked over to ensure it has been given the correct oil and coolant. We will also check for slipping clutches, noisy gearboxes and excessively worn syncromesh. We will check the vehicle has the correct service history and that there’s no outstanding points that haven’t been addressed and that it has not exceeded the agreed upon mileage limit as doing so will incur an extra cost. This would have been agreed when the paperwork was signed.
  8. External specialist equipment – We will check the towbar for damage and to ensure all electrics are working properly. We will also check the roof racks are in good condition and that the roof is damage free.

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Some general points to take into consideration when returning your van:

  • The vehicle is required to have at least 6 months MOT. If not it will be retested upon its return and if it does not pass you will have to pay for any work that needs doing.
  • If it is unsafe to drive for any reason you will be charged a transport free to have it collected.

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