Predictive Powertrain control, or PPC for short, is a unique cruise control system with the ability to help businesses save money through intelligent predictions of your journey. Through anticipatory actions PPC is able to tackle steep hills, change gear and maintain speed using momentum via the EcoRoll function. Together with the active brake assist function PPC is able to provide a safer, more economical drive.

A new dimension of foresight

PPC uses GPS data and 3D maps to scan the road topography ahead and decide what measures to take, just like the driver does.

See ahead

The system adjusts speed while rolling and making gear changes as necessary. It extends the use of the EcoRoll function, which comes standard in the Actros.  PPC has the ability to reduce fuel consumption by up to 3%.



Now available on all new Actros, Antos and Arocs models that are fitted with Mercedes PowerShift 3 and are for operations up to 44t*. PPC can be retrofitted to various Mercedes-Benz trucks and supports conventional cruise control.

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*PPC cannot be fitted if the customer has a specialist driving program (Municipal or Fire-service) or the vehicle has been specified with a Turbo Retarder Clutch or the G 280-16/11.7-0.69 transmission.