Your van is one of the most important workers in your business. It is relied on day-in day-out and you wouldn’t expect anything less from such high quality vehicles. That’s why Mercedes-Benz work tirelessly everyday to not only produce robust and reliable vehicles, but also provide relevant offers from financing to maintenance.

What is Mercedes PRO Connect?

Mercedes PRO connect gives the fleet manager total transparency, being able to see their fleet’s current location and service information. It combines all offers and all digital services from Mercedes-Bens Vans on a single platform, so you can keep an eye on all of your concerns. It is the professional connectivity and fleet solution that connects companies with their vehicles, helping to increase efficiency and productivity.


  • Logistics – View where vehicles are in real time, create geofences to see when drivers leave and enter certain areas and create and send points of interest to drivers.
  • Communication – Send messages, addresses and telephone numbers between the vehicle management tool and the driver’s adapter app quickly.
  • Maintenance management – View your vehicles’ service status, battery life and fuel tank levels.
  • Digital Drivers’ log – View a digital list of previously made trips to help differentiate between business trips, commutes and private journeys.
  • Vehicle Status – An overview of the status/use of the vehicles in the fleet through transfer, processing and analysis of the vehicle data.

How it works

There are three main components that make up Mercedes PRO; the Adapter, the Adapter app and the Vehicle management tool.

The vehicle management tool is the ‘control centre’. It gives the fleet manager a comprehensive overview of the entire fleet with precise filtering of the most important information.

The Adapter App enables the driver to call up valuable vehicle and order-related information. Data is regularly transmitted to the vehicle management tool in an automated process, which helps optimise business planning.

The adapter is fitted inside the vehicle and provides valuable data between both the management tool and the adapter app.

How do I get it?

Speak to your local dealer today or register you interest online to find out more about Mercedes PRO connect and how to connect your fleet here.

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Use of the Mercedes PRO Adapter App services while driving is not permitted. Please observe your country’s legal position on the use of smartphones while driving. For safety reasons, the Fleet Communication function in the Mercedes PRO Adapter App can only be used when the engine is switched off.