Light commercial vehicle drivers are among the safest drivers on the road, according to research by telematics company Quartix.

Quartix’ research found that accident rates for LCVs are significantly lower than they are for cars.  For example, for every 1,000 vehicles, cars are involved in 1.5 times as many accidents involving injury as LCVs (just under six against just under four).  And for every 100,000 miles travelled, the accident rate involving injury is 3.8 times higher for cars than it is for LCVs.

Quartix’ research also found that van drivers typically set their own speed limit on more dangerous roads when conditions are bad – an average of 26% under the legal speed limit on rural roads.

“This research explodes the myth that white van men are terrible drivers,” said Quartix’ Chief Executive Andy Walters.  “Despite driving bigger vehicles, those behind the wheels of LCVs have far fewer serious crashes than other motorists.  They know it is not always safe to drive to the speed limit, and that their livelihoods depend on their driving record.”

Quoted in What Van?, he added that it was important for van drivers to keep their vehicles functioning because time off-road meant they could be “out of a job ….. It can be expensive [if a van is off road], as it’s a purpose-built vehicle.  Vans are specific to needs, so you have to keep them in good condition.  You can’t get a like-for-like replacement.”