On average, almost 30% of vans fail their first MOT, with lighting, brakes and tyres among the most common failure points.

The Honest John website analysed millions of MOT records from the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency, following a Freedom of Information request to make the data public.

Success in this long-running battle means that, for the first time in years, van owners, operators and small businesses have detailed access to the latest MOT records and reasons for failure, at vans.honestjohn.co.uk/mot-results

“On the face of it, MOT pass rates for vans are much lower than that of cars,” Daniel Powell, the Managing Editor of HonestJohn.co.uk, said.  “However, it’s important to note that an average van will cover almost twice as many miles as a car over the first three years of its life.”

He added:  “Obviously, the Government’s proposal to extend the first MOT from three to four years will cause concern.”

The top five causes of failure during a van’s first MOT at three years were lighting (39,000 failures), driver’s view of the road (14,000), brakes (12,000), tyres (9,000) and suspension (7,000).

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