Summer and high temperatures can have harsh effects on your van, causing battery damage and stressing the cooling system and tyres. Therefore, making sure you regularly check your van for any hazardous signs is essential for van care and ensuring you and your vehicle are safe on the road.

Heat and overcharging are both factors that shorten battery life. Heat causes battery fluid to evaporate, damaging the internal structure of the battery. A malfunctioning component in the charging system, such as the voltage regulator, could allow too much of a charging rate, which in turn will destroy a battery. To get the most life out of your battery life, make sure your electrical system is checked to make sure it is charging at the correct rate. Also keeping the battery clean can ensure that the dirt does not become a conductor, draining battery life.

Cooling System
The cooling system has to work harder in hot temperatures, preventing overheating of the engine. To keep the cooling system working effectively, ensure that the coolant and distilled water mixture for a vehicle’s radiator should be 50:50. As a rule of thumb, the coolant should be changed annually on most vehicles, ensuring the cooling system is fresh and clean inside, preventing corrosion and assures that the coolant has the proper boiling point and protection.

Tyres can be put under added stress during the warmer weather. To maximise tyre longevity, check the condition and inflation pressure monthly and have your tyres rotated every 6,000 miles. Summer heat will cause the pressure within a tyre to rise; make sure you check the pressure when the tyres are cold. Check out our app for your Mercedes-Benz Van’s recommended air pressures.

Your van’s exterior can be damaged by sunlight, acid raid, UV radiation, salt, dirt and air pollution. To protect the paint and finish, ensure your van is washed weekly and waxed every six months. You should protect your interior by using a sunshade that keeps sunlight from coming in the windshield, reducing fading, drying and cracking inside your van, and keep you cooler when you sit down behind the wheel.