Welcoming all van owners and operators, Mercedes-Benz Vans UK is once again utilising the legendary Millbrook Proving Ground to play host to Van Experience Live, the ultimate test drive, from 20-30 June.

The UK’s largest event of its kind is set to welcome almost 3,000 guests, who will be experiencing everything the brand has to offer, including the UK premiere of the Vision Van, a unique X-Class immersive experience, and a sneak preview of how Mercedes-Benz Vans will monitor uptime and vehicle status in the future.

There will be five main hands-on demonstration areas to help guests assess how Mercedes-Benz vans perform in all areas:

· Keep Testing – a full range drive to experience the entire product line-up from Mercedes-Benz Vans, and compare them directly with competitor test vehicles through the famous hill course, city route and high speed bowl.

· Keep Adapting – an opportunity to understand the innovative ways that Mercedes-Benz vans can be configured to offer the ultimate in bespoke solutions.

· Keep Challenging – a testing off-road course to show the skills of the Sprinter 4×4 and 6×6 vehicles, with a focus on using vans to enable various lifestyle pursuits.

· Keep Innovating – a safety-focused activity, including handling on the wet grip experience.

· Keep Moving – situated in the heart of the event and focused on ‘yesterday, today, tomorrow’, visitors will be able to experience all the brand currently offers from Approved Used, GenuineParts and MobiloVan free roadside assistance, through to the innovative Vision Van concept and ideas for the future.

“Year after year, we continue to push the limits of this event and create new and exciting ways for our products and services to be put to the ultimate test,” Mercedes-Benz Vans UK Managing Director Steve Bridge. “I am proud that our event is for all van operators – from one-van businesses to the biggest fleets across the country, we are committed to keeping all businesses moving.”

Experts will be on-hand throughout the event to answer questions, with dedicated, knowledgeable teams to help guests get the most out of their day, and a greater understanding of how the unique products and services offered by Mercedes-Benz Vans help keep businesses moving. There will also be exclusive offers available to attendees, which will be revealed on attendance.

Van Experience Live 2017 is free to all van users, owners and operators, with free food and drink available throughout the day. Interested parties can register via www.MBVans.co.uk/VEL.